About AnimeGraphs.com

Welcome to AnimeGraphs.com!

This website will check MAL(more sources in the future) for data about anime. That data includes:
  • Number of Votes
  • Score
  • Rank
  • Members
  • Popularity

It will check airing and upcoming anime each day and completed anime each week.

The website is work in progress! More features will be added soon!

Devs Access to Data

If any developer needs the data for an anime you can easily access it without the need of an account or anything like that. Feel free to use it to generate your own graphs, reddit posts or whatever else you need it for. You can read it in a JSON format, there is a link for that on each anime page.

You can also generate images from the graphs or load the graph only, without the rest of the website by adding the option ?layout=0 at the end of the url.

You can combine that with options to display only a single graph by adding column=cname at the end of the url. Replace cname with the name of the column that you need to display. You can find the names in the JSON display. You can also add a second column to the graph like this column=cname1&scolumn=cname2.

Problems or Suggestions

I don't have yet a public email to share for contact, or a contact form here, but you can send me a message on reddit to user Flajavin.